Beautiful chard to brighten one of our counter salads today supplied by camorganic tasty fresh…

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New bakery and deli with aircon…17-week countdown

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

As of this week the wonderful historic head quarters for Rattee & Kett – soon to become our new home – have been fitted with air con of a slightly more drastic nature than we anticipated…it turned out that two of our walls had no foundation, so that meant peeling away existing brick walls, windows and – our most coveted – original boxed-in awnings.

We are not too concerned as they are all about to reappear when the building is re-constructed next week and our original awnings will be returning. Our plans include outdoor seating (South/west facing = evening sun) under the awnings, outside the Deli.

We have left chaos behind for a few days of research in Milan where we may link up with one or two bakeries…