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Breads of the World – Germany/Austria

Sunday, November 5th, 2017, 10am-2/2.30pm

Join us for a wonderful bread class focusing on the delicious breads of Germany and Austria. This region produces some of the most delicious rustic breads based on daily home baking and using flours such as rye and corn typical of northern European breads. The class can be taken by beginners but we would recommend novice bakers to start with one of our Beginner’s Bread classes in order to get the full benefit of our world bread classes.

We start with a wonderful Viennese loaf to practice platting dough and move on to making delicious, super crusty little Brötchen. We then turn our attention to a deliciously chewy rye bread seasoned with caraway seeds and finish off making a traditional Kugelhopf, a type of Bundt cake traditionally baked in Southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Reminiscent of Panettone, this enriched and fruit filled bread takes pride of place on the table due to its beautiful shape and is delicious served for breakfast. The class starts with fresh bread, tea and coffee and includes a light lunch with fresh bread and cheese.

The finishing time of thus class can vary from 2-2.30pm

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I loved every minute of my time with the CCS team and it has really changed the way I cook. - Jane, 32

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